Dreggae Movement underway...


I seldom talk about music these days. Everything mainstream is so watered down. Music is not what it used to be. But I am so proud of my brutha from anotha mother Dre (@DreggaeMusic) that I can't stay quiet! This man is taking the entertainment world by storm & he's not stopping!

When it rains, it pours! From opening for Akon, Beres Hammond, Kevin Lyttle & Shaggy to performing intimate gatherings right here in the ATL - Dre is On FIYA! This is OFFICIALLY THE SUMMER OF DREGGAE!

Don't believe me? Check out the blazing hot lineup for the man himself www.Dreggae.com. Its not possible to even describe the tapestry of musical genius Dre has created over the years. I've personally been a fan since "Sex Education". The Unsigned Legend, The Leak are all instant classics and available via Itunes.

His new inspirations did not disappoint! "Love Come Easy" "Digital Soundboy" "Kings of Queens" stay on my repeat. We never know what to expect from Mr 'baby I'm not the one' but it will be something out of this world! Stay tuned peeps! He ain't Done yet!!!