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Floyd Grant ***ARTIST FEATURE***

This songster, songwriter & actor is far from the average. Delivering songs of depth and insight with a powerful voice that demands attention and giving a new twist in the music, Floyd Grant born out of Atlanta, Ga, Has been singing and acting since the age of five and had the desire to sing & acting professionally at the age of thirteen. He was determined to have his music reach the masses. Growing up his style of singing was influenced by artist like: Stevie Wonder, Peabo Bryson, Kim Burrell & Issac Caree. His voice and captivating style keeps everyone wanting more. Grant attended American Idol auditions in Atlanta in 2009 and the 2011 season. In 2010 Grant won LL COOL J's Battleground. Grant also featured on The Steve Harvey Morning Show on November 16th 2010 where he was interviewed and sung for the chance to be a part of the Steve Harvey Project. Towards the ending of 2011, Grant gave back to his gift and sung background for the play 'An Intimate Day Shadow' which is a Frank Hallum Production from the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Fall of 2012, Grant Featured in many charitable events such as Atlanta Black Theater, A Lady Pearl Christmas Kindness and more. He then, that same year (2012) re-released his Christmas Album "A Wonderful Christmas" which has sold 10,000 units since its release in Dec 2011. He has performed in several venues with many Bands around the nations and currently working his debut album. Grant recently made his TV appearance on R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 Episode 4 with Da Public’s Eye which there current single Don’t Hold Back is making moves all over the country. Floyd Grant wants nothing else but to fulfill his purpose and live out his dream through music & acting. His plan is to become the next positive male role model and make marks that touch the world.

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