American Idol's Josiah Siska ***ARTIST FEATURE***

18 year old Josiah Siska is a skilled musician, playing the electric, acoustic and classical guitar as well as the banjo and piano. Surrounded by music his entire life, this singer/songwriter has been compared to the likes of Johnny Cash meets Chris Young bringing classic country and the standards of yesteryear to his generation.

In 2015 he found himself auditioning for the Farewell Season of American Idol, with "Ghost Riders In The Sky", receiving the highly desired “Golden Ticket” and on his way to Hollywood. His audition clip received over 6 million views on Facebook and YouTube combined on top of the millions more that viewed his performance live on TV making his deep bass voice the trending topic around the world.


Josiah started his professional career as an actor on-camera but discovered the love for the stage at Mountain View High School where he first shared his musical talent with other, thanks to the prodding of his chorus teacher, Mr. Andrew Graham and his theatre teacher, Dr. Beverly Johnston. He has graced the stage in "The Phantom of the Opera", Broadway Review" and Disney's "The Little Mermaid".

On course with a Musical Theatre/US History major and Broadway bound, during his senior year of high school a certain chain of happenstance had him performing solo in his genre as special guest entertainment for the annual Southern Association of Student Council. 15 states represented by their student body and administration brought a crowd of over 1,500 to his school. While singing his first song he experienced his "Ahh-Haa" moment and decided THAT was what he wanted to