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While at BQE Lounge

I was pleasantly surprised at this venue. I went here for the Greek professionals gathering. Parking was not favorable but the inside of this lounge made up for that. It's a very chill/laid back spot. Very adult-like.

The decor was minimal but made a statement. The music Helped a lot with the ambiance. Neo soul music always puts me in a mellow mood. The bathroom was spotless. Very impressive! The seating was spaced out which made it easy for everyone to gather without feeling like we sat on top of one another. Then the food...I had catfish fingers and sweet potato tots. I WAS IN LOVE! The fish was cooked to perfection & I was given a hearty serving.

The tots were delicate yet flavorful. I usually don't do anything other than sweet potato pie but I am thankful I changed my pace this night!

For more on BQE Lounge CLICK HERE.

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