Electric Dancehall Atlanta!

ELECTRIC DANCEHALL: A New Dance Music Experience in Atlanta We created this event for those fascinated with EDM, Reggae, Soca and related genres of dance music. ELECTRIC DANCEHALL does away with perceived divisions, & merges different styles of music and culture together on a level seldom seen outside of music festivals. ELECTRIC DANCEHALL ATL LINE-UP Hosted by: DREGGAE DJ Sets by: ĀGARD @DJ MARS Shane Talon Highlanda Sound DJ PASSPORT Venue: WildPitch Music Hall 255 Trinity Ave, Atlanta, GA Cost: $20 advanced Tickets on sale now! [MORE $ at THE DOOR] Why be a part of this event? ** Dance to a blend of different genres with... ** 5 DJs to rock you and satisfy your urge to dance. ** Quality music festival soundtrack and presentation at a.. ** new state of the art music venue in the city. ** Enjoy an unpretentious, PLUR environment (Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect) Powered by: ĀGARD, Highlanda.net, WildPitch Music Hall , The Honorary Citizen, Morets TV Over time music events have become stagnant and compartmentalized. Creatively, nightlife options have become one in the same, and fans of dance music, reggae, hip-hop, or soca don’t get together outside their respective circles. Meanwhile in terms of musical exploration and production, a great melding of these worlds is taking place. Electric Dancehall strives to bring together followers of different genres, do away with perceived divisions, and merge different styles of music and culture together on a level seldom seen outside of music festival grounds. The concept of Electric Dancehall comes from the connection between Afro-Caribbean Music, African Rhythms, & Electronic Dance Music. There are many genres within the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) spectrum, but Electric Dancehall explores the genres that utilize African, Caribbean, & Latin influences. Dancehall Reggae, Baile Funk, & Moombahton are just a few genres that fit within the Electric Dancehall category. Recently many songs on the Billboard Top 100 have featured elements that would fit into this category. Artists like Drake, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, & Justin Bieber have used these same elements to connect with a larger audience. Groups like Major Lazer and R City have helped to proliferate this type of music to the masses. Whether it’s blending familiar vocals with funky new beats, or familiar grooves mixed with a new flare, Electric Dancehall presents a new way that the world can party. With its roots in reggae and dub, Electric Dancehall is meant to be broad enough to include many genres of music including Soca and Afrobeat, but distinct enough that the audience can experience cohesion between genres through drum patterns, rhythm, & vocal styles. Electric Dancehall compels the audience to engage with their music in a more energetic way. I invite you to forgo your musical or cultural affiliations for one night and let our DJs cater to your inner dancing urge. Be a part of this fascinating musical experience!


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