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Sleek Treat Preview Box ***REVIEW

I want to send a special thank you out to my friends at SLEEK TREAT. As I continue my journey remaining health conscious, it is refreshing to find a company that takes health into consideration. They have a subscription box that includes simply the best sugar free delicacies on the planet! I love sweets. Cookies, candies and everything in between. When I began my weight loss journey over 5 years ago, this company would have been a great outlet for me to satisfy my sweet tooth. Its really about moderation. Eventually I found a balance in my diet but I would have loved to have had some of these sugar free delights. I appreciate the opportunity to partner with you & share your product with my audience. I thoroughly enjoyed this project! Check out TODAY.

Amberlyn Chocolates caught my eyes as I opened the box. The Mint Truffle seemed to be just the right size for a midday snack. The velvety smooth gourmet chocolate was a slice of heaven. It was not bitter or grain like. The mint flavor enhanced the overall experience of this treat. I could hardly believe that it wasn't sweetened with sugar! My taste buds were fooled but in the best way possible.

The truffle had me at hello but the raspberry bar made me fall in love. The Amberlyn Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Bar was AMAZING! This is the first time that I've tried dark chocolate & raspberry together. The union of Belgium dark chocolate and raspberry with a hint of vanilla was genius. Again, the texture was smooth, just like the truffle. I did not want it to end. But like every good love story it had come to a close. Visit

Eda's Premium Hard Candy brought back childhood memories of Grandma Lou. Whenever we would visit her she would give us hard candy. I had no idea they were sugar free(until now). We were just happy to get sweets. These gluten free hard candies are exactly what I remember. Eda's has more varieties than I remember. I expected the usual lemon, cherry and orange. But was pleasantly surprised to find peach, blueberry and watermelon in the mix. Get your fix at

Honestly I think I'm just a big kid. I nearly lost my mind when I saw the Boston Fruit Slices. Who doesn't love jellies?! Cherry, orange & lime. Cherry was the first to go. The jelly texture infused with fruit was a melodious harmony in my mouth. It was just thick enough without being too thick and had just the right amount of flavor. Kids will love this and you won't mind giving it to them. They are kosher and sugar free. I see it as a win/win situation. Visit

I'm not a big fan of protein bars so I was a little skeptical of this next treat. After a yoga class I decided to try out the Chocolite Cookies and Cream Protein Bar. It was three wonderfully crafted layers of chocolate, protein and caramel. Bravo! I enjoyed it. It wasn't grainy like protein bars that I've tried before. It made me forget that it was a healthy snack and not just chocolate. Be sure to check out their other goodies at

Almonds are by far my favorite nut. So when Godiva paired almonds with their sugar free milk chocolate I was already sold. The Godiva Sugar Free Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar is all that and more. The almonds & their perfected milk chocolate go hand in hand. It melts in your mouth like a dream that you never want to end. Get your dream on now at!

The name is Good Chocolate but they still had to prove it to me. They did that and then some. My friends over at Good Chocolate have created a brand that stands on its own. Coconut Macadamia alongside Himalayan Salt are game changers. They are low calorie and organic. I can taste the difference between these and generic chocolate. There is no comparison. Anytime coconut meets chocolate it’s a good time! I also loved the Himalayan salt because of the combination. Look out for new items on

Last but certainly not least, the Darlington Farms Cookies were exceptional. These nut free delights come in 3 varieties: Lemon, Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip. I received Lemon and Oatmeal. They did not disappoint. They were soft and jam packed with flavor. Most of all they did not have a lingering aftertaste as some sugar free cookies tend to have. Be sure to check out their other goods at

I hope you enjoyed my review of these products. Be sure to look up my buddies over at to start your subscription today!

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