Gwinnett Ballet Theatre: Disney Songs & Pictures

I had the distinct pleasure of attending Gwinnett Ballet Theatre's dress rehearsal this past Friday. Their production of Disney Songs & Pictures was underway with supporters from across the state waiting in anticipation. All the performers were so well poised. Each one moved with purpose yet seemed effortless. I was impressed to learn that this group of performers ranged from ages 14-18. Also most, if not all, where students of the Gwinnett County School System.

The choreography was constructed by the acclaimed Wade Walthall. Every move was precise with dancers hitting their marks. The music was remarkable. I reminisced about my childhood while watching these young people tell a story through dance. I was even more delighted to hear Nina Simone music during the show.

The costumes and scenery were exceptional. Costumes were beautiful and fit the theme of each section. Mac Stewart did an outstanding job with wardrobe.

I am so proud of these young people for practicing a craft that has the potential to take them far in life. Each performer put in tremendous work over the past few months and it absolutely shows. Congratulations on a show well done Gwinnett Ballet Theatre!

These beautiful production photos can be credited to the legendary Richard Calmes.

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