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We are so excited that you are joining us for what promises to be our biggest year yet. We are busy preparing for your performance/audition and we need to go over a few things to make sure your experience is a positive one. Please understand that there are over 280 performers already sign on this year and we need to be able to maintain order and minimize the chaos. If we work together, we know that it will ensure that everyone has a great time. Please scroll all the way down and read everything very carefully. And, good luck!


1. Please scroll down and read everything carefully.

2. Complete your RSVP here. You are permitted to audition for more than one play.

3. Arrive at 9am SHARP on Mon.10/10 to check-in.

4. Be prepared to stay all day. If selected, you will immediately begin rehearsal.

5. Spread the word and bring a friend!

We have an open call for the following shows scheduled for our Reader's Theatre:

Scars Beneath Her Smile by Chyna Kendal Rose (of Atlanta, GA)

Questions? Contact:

Characters: 1) 8 yr. old Autumn: pretty black girl who has a well-developed body for her age-Sexual abuse victim. 2) 12 yr. old Autumn: pretty, smart, bubbly black girl who has a well-developed body for her age, sexual abuse victim. 3) Main character-Autumn: 26 yr. old beautiful, intelligent, humble, successful, black woman whose life mission is to help sexual abuse victims as she is one herself. 4) Aleyah: 20 yr. old Beautiful black girl. She's sweet, gullible and money motivated due to her daddy issues. This is Autumn's mother. 5) Mike: 20 yr. old handsome black male whose a street thug/Alcohol/Drug abuser, but he's a gentleman to his lady & his daughter Autumn. 6) Maxwell: 28 yr. old black male, handsome, rich, charming, drug abuser, child molester. 7) Sasha: 8 yr. old black girl who has been a victim of sexual abuse. 8) Fiona: 11 yr. old black girl who has been a victim of sexual abuse. 9) Cydny: 14 yr. old black girl who has been neglected by her parents. 10) Nakoma: 16 yr. old black girl who is a victim of sexual exploitation. 11) Bunz- 20 yr. old black male/ street thug. 12) Q- 20 yr. old black male/ street thug.

Compensation: Unpaid with perks*

Sinphony by Larry Americ Allen (of Los Angeles, CA)

Questions? Contact:

Characters: 1.Benjamin: White male, late 40's. A dreamer. Although he works as a custodian, he is a frustrated pianist and composer. 2.Jessika: White female. His wife. Early 40's. A pragmatist who is frustrated with his husband's lofty dreams. 3.Taffani: White. Their daughter. Early 20's. Liberal and confident. 4.Student: Young handsome Black male. Early 20's, but is timeless and ageless. A musical genius, he can play any instrument like a master and has the power to seduce people with his music.

Compensation: Paid with perks*

It's a Family Affair by Andrea Clinton (of Rahway, NJ)

Questions? Contact:

Characters: 1. JT (40-50's or looks it; Male; Black): a retired Fired Chief. JT is in the shock of his life when he realizes his kids have lost the family values he's taught them, or thought he did when he's sacrificed being there for his family to save the city as a fireman and then chief. 2. PEANUT (mid 20's; male, Black): holds a grudge with his parents for chasing away the love of his life, an older woman who was pregnant with his child. 3. SHNUK (26/27; male; Black): has a career, his own apartment and drives a nice car, all any parent would want in a son. His only vice, women, and it catches up with him when he can't resist Tina from down the street. 4. LAKEISHA (20'S; Female; Open Race): a tag along friend to Megan, always clowning around (short role) 5. NEECY (20's; Female; Open Race): a tag along friend to Megan, always clowning around

Compensation: Unpaid with Perks*

*Perks: If cast, the ABTF is offering one complimentary Gold Pass or three tickets to any Main Stage performance and one complimentary General Admission to the awards gala, A Royal Affair ($100 total value!) as a token of our appreciation for your participation. These tickets are not transferable nor are they for resale. They can be obtained from your producer/director.

Also, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please sign up here:

Feel free to join us for the Creative Conference (master classes, panels, & workshops):

Please review the following are terms for participation. Violation of these terms will be cause for immediate removal from the premises without exception...

Once you RSVP that means that you have read, understood and agreed to the following Festival terms if you are hired by a producer:

1. Cast/Crew are only permitted backstage for load-in no sooner than 15 minutes prior to curtain via the Backstage Entrance (loading dock area on the right side of the building as you enter the parking lot). Your producer may have an earlier call time, however, you will not be permitted back stage until your allotted time.

2. Cast/Crew members must load-out completely no more than 15 minutes after the scheduled show ending.

3 The area is to be clear of debris and all personal articles and ready for the next show/event.

4. Anyone caught lingering backstage outside of their allotted time slot will be removed from the premises by security and prohibited from returning without exception.

5. Cast/Crew members must arrive in costume, hair and make-up, ready. Ironing, curling irons, or any type of heating appliances are strictly prohibited.

6. Dressing in the restrooms or hallways is strictly prohibited.

7. Unauthorized persons backstage or in the theatre including waiting children, family friends, etc are strictly prohibited. All family and friends must have a ticket to be admitted into the theatre.

8. Dressing rooms are reserved exclusively for cast/crew members of full-length performances. Cast/Crew for all Special Events including readings and presenters are not permitted in the dressing rooms under any circumstances.

9. Cast/Crew buttons must be worn at all times except when performing and you must carry this printed Registration Pass.

10. I do agree to (a) release and hold harmless Micah 68 Media, Sponsors, Board of Advisors, volunteers, partners, agents, representatives, and/or assigns (“Festival”) from any liability, illness, injury, death, loss, litigation, or damage that may occur, directly or indirectly, whether caused by negligence or not, arising from such participation in the Festival and/or you or your production's acceptance, possession, use, or misuse of the Festival facilities or any portion thereof (including any travel related expenses thereto); (b) to indemnify the Festival from any and all liability resulting or arising from my participation and to hereby acknowledge that Festival has neither made nor are in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation, or guarantee, expressed or implied, in fact or in law (c) as a participant, I agree to the use or of my name, image, and/or likeness for publicity, promotional, fundraising and advertising purposes in any and all media now or hereafter known, throughout the world in perpetuity, without additional compensation, notification, permission, or approval, and, upon request, to the giving of consent, in writing, to such use; and (d) to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and to waive any right to claim any ambiguity or error therein or in the Festival events. The laws of the state of Georgia Govern this agreement.

Again, we welcome you and will work hard to make sure you to enjoy your experience!

Answers to FAQs for festival attendees...

PURCHASING TICKETS: Purchase your tickets online 24/7...We're going green! Use your smart phone/device and present your ticket bar codes at the door. If you prefer a printed ticket, Eventbrite will also email your tickets in a pdf format. You can download and present them at the door. CAUTION: We use scanners. Duplicate tickets will be voided.

PARKING: Parking is free! The entrance is located on the Lucille Avenue side of the museum.

REFUNDS/EXCHANGES: No refunds or exchanges are permitted for this event.

SUITABILITY: Please use the "Suitability" description as a guide to judge your own taste and tolerance or just ask us!

SCHEDULE CHANGES: Although we hate to do so, sometimes we have to make schedule changes due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event this occurs, we will do everything possible to notify you in advance and make satisfactory accommodations.

SMOKING: Smoking is NOT permitted on the property.

DRESS CODE: The ABTF does not have a dress code. We suggest casual attire during the day and business casual in the evening. The building is air conditioned so please dress accordingly. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Phones, tablets cameras and/or any electronic device is strictly prohibited during the performance. Besides, the light is very distracting to others in a dark theatre. After the performance, PLEASE feel free to share your experiences on Social Media. ( and Instagram or Twitter: @AtlantaBTF).

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: There's a Marta bus/rail are readily accessible. Uber/Lyft are also suggested.


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