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Our Vision We all are Control Hair Care, and that is a living statement. Reclaim Control of being the guarantor of your lives, well-being, health and image of beauty. Stand for and “Own Your Beauty” And In doing so, live by example and stride for greatness in education, leadership, elegance, grace, humbleness and confidence. Control Hair care is proud to be organic eco-friendly, we do not perform animal testing our products are tested only on willing participating Friends and Family members About Us Control Hair Care is inspired by the results our product gives our consumers, providing new found freedom to have a healthy relationship with their hair. Our mission is to educate and supply nature’s purest, most effective natural and organic Hair nourishment passed down by our ancestors. Education and community is a firm platform that Control Hair Care stands on. We understand knowledge is the most powerful thing that can’t be taken. Control Hair Care is an All-Natural & Organic ingredient hair nourishment product line. We set to find the rawest, the most exotic, fresh and eco-friendly ingredients that will make your hair perform at its best. We believe in honoring all natural beauty.

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