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Ash Loves Ribbed Bodycon Dress

When a major network called to cast me in a new tv pilot, I knew exactly what to wear. My brand new ribbed bodycon dress from Tobi. I needed a reason to showcase these threads and now I had it. Not only would I get to show off this fashion statement to the crew but audiences around the world would get to see me as well.

I wasn't sure if they'd let me wear it on set. Many productions are very strict and prohibit certain clothing. They had no problem with my shoulders being exposed and they liked the style. Complete strangers came up to me and asked where I got this cute dress. I told them

This is an extremely audacious outfit for someone who has never ordered from a catalog before. Since dropping almost 100 pounds 3 years ago, I've tiptoed around clothing. I never know how something is going to fit until I try it on. I read the measurements but I was still apprehensive about ordering this dress. What if it didn't fit? What then?

Lucky for me it slipped right on without missing a beat.

As I step out in 2017, I have got a new outlook on life. I couldn't help but to feel as though all eyes were on me. Because they were. This ribbed long sleeve ensemble hugs my curves perfectly and is great for any occasion.

It can be dressed up a notch with a quilted winter shawl and your favorite broach. Or it’s a great casual hangout outfit. After filming the television show, I met up with friends at a local eatery and didn't miss a beat. My black knee high boots really complimented this wine colored garment.

I love the fact that I did not have to do much to accent it. Thank you to fashion by Macole for supplying teardrop hoop earrings, the gold link chain necklace and black cinch belt. I simply love this look and I know you do too!

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