World Natural Hair Healthy Lifestyle Event ***REVIEW

The 20th Annual World Natural Hair Healthy Lifestyle Event went off without a hitch. Taliah Waajid and her team did an amazing job this time around.

Every year it gets bigger and better. I have never seen so many natural lifestyle vendors ever. There were literally hundreds of vendors. Each one was different from the next. No two companies provided the same products. This gives customers the opportunity to have options.

Every year this groundbreaking event seems to push past the success of the previous year. One of this years' highlights was the Power Panel. The fabulous Maria More of Majic 1075/975 was the moderator. This panel consisted of some of the natural hair care industry's heavy hitters. The founders of The Mane Choice, Jane Carter Solution, Mixed Chicks, thin, Mielle Organics, Camille Rose Naturals and Alike Naturals.

Throughout the 20 years of this event, each one of these companies were inspired and gained exposure from Taliah Waajid's vision. It was incredible to listen to each one of them talk about their story. Every story was unique but had the same theme. They never gave up on what their dream.

Chris-Tia Donaldson, tgin founder, discussed one of her biggest challenges. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and managed to persevere. She knew she had a higher purpose and her faith kept her on track.

Jane Carter discussed how her father was not fond of her abandoning her accounting background. The Mane Choice founder Courtney Adeleye spoke of an instance when someone suggested that she change her packaging to be more user friendly. Courtney stuck to her ideals for the packaging. Ultimately that would make her a household name internationally.

These women are powerful in their own right but unstoppable in numbers. This panel proves that women can be in the same industry and support one another. Yes, they are competitors but they have their own unique audience that they cater to. It really warmed my heart to see these beautiful ladies united. Despite what the media may say women can work together.

The weekend of events was not done. There were classes, workshops, demos, performances and so much more. Classes for professional stylists and manufacturing workshops were helpful to many. You can never stop learning and these courses could enhance a brand. The men were not left out either. Beyond the mens' den, there were professional barber classes.

Health and wellness workshops happened on both days. Themes included detox, dealing with fibroids, womb wellness and many others. Most patrons were most excited about the live DIY workshops. Being natural has its ups and downs so getting a few shortcuts is always a plus. Anything that can save you time and energy is worth watching.

The performances blended quite well with the atmosphere. Performers included Chantae Cann, B.O.B., Tiffany Evans, Jermaine Dolly, Rahbi Hines, Brandon Blue and Hero the Band.

There was so much going on at once but you could check the schedule and make time for what you wanted to experience.

This years' event was spectacular! Taliah Waajid has amplified knowledge once again.

Congratulations to Taliah Waajid and her entire team for a job well done. A special shoutout goes to The B Firm PR. Erica Dias has mastered executing seemingly flawless events. Her team works together to carry out tasks in an orderly fashion. This is one of the hardest working PR firms in the southern region.

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