Cracker Barrel - Snellville ***REVIEW

Just visited this new store and I'm so glad I did! Birthday celebrations have begun and this was one of my first requests. We arrived at about 10:25 am and were told it was a 35 minute wait. We were hungry so we agreed. Lucky for us space was available within 10 minutes. This spot is brand new and so is the decor. Beautiful but visibly different from older stores. It appears slightly bigger as well. The dining room was as jam packed as the parking lot. This is spring break week so everyone is here with their little ones. Our server was Ken. He was very cheerful and made great suggestions. Being a new store that is under a month old can have its stresses. Two managers walked around to every table to make sure that every customer was satisfied. Swift move but will it last? Finally the food. I absolutely positively love their French toast! I dunno. It's just good! The sourdough toasted to perfection along with a drizzle of syrup is truly what dreams are made of. I had this accompanied with egg whites and a delicate hashbrown casserole. This store is certainly off to a grand start. I look forward to visiting them again real soon!

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