Ash Said It attends FX Snowfall Screening

FX Networks hosted an exclusive screening of John Singleton's Snowfall this past week. The Ash Said It crew was on the scene as usual. John Singleton is known for his groundbreaking work in film. Now he brings that raw edge to network television this summer. Snowfall follows the progression of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles. The timeline starts in 1983. There are multiple storylines that will soon intersect.

This series gives a narrative unlike any that you've seen on television. It tells a story that has never been told. It gives insight that the general public would never have otherwise. Its one thing to read the news. It's another to watch it unfold on your TV screen. Like many in the theater, I was ready for episode two when the credits began to roll.

Damson Idris is one of the breakout stars of this program. His character, Franklin Saint, plays a pivotal to the series. It is going to be very interesting to watch the cast transform week to week.

Catch the Snowfall series premiere July 5 only on FX.

Photos by James Pray for FX Networks

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