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Ash Said It at Taste of Atlanta 2017

Taste of Atlanta 2017 brought in their Sweet 16 with a BANG! The new location at Historic Fourth Ward Park could not have been better. This new spot made it possible for the many vendors to spread out across the property. With over 90+ restaurants, 3 cooking stations and the grand tasting experience there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous! The sun was shining just right and there was a cool breeze. Perfect day to be out at the park with friends.

My first stop was at the Blue Diamond booth. Chef Patty Mastracco created some special recipes using Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. Typically, I use it for cereal or overnight oats. Chef Patty took things a step further. She made a yummy banana pudding dessert. You honestly could not tell the difference. This southern favorite was hard to keep on the counter. Patrons were constantly grabbing samples. But the waffle and cheese grits won me over. The waffle was soft and the grits were so velvety. She really opened up my mind with how I can utilize almond milk in many dishes.

Tiff's Treats are by far my favorite cookie in Atlanta! Hands down nobody beats their warm chocolate chip cookies. I made my way to their tent and was greeted by marketing manager Jessica. She talked about the new projects that Tiff's Treats are involved in. She also gave me the softest t-shirt, coupons and their famous warm chocolate chip cookies. Click Here to order yours Today!

While I was familiar with many of the vendors, there were a few new names for me. Honest Tea is a Coca Cola brand product that specializes in healthy organic drinks. They had a host of samples which included Peach Ginger Tea, Honey Green Tea and Half Tea Half Lemonade. I decided to try the unsweetened Peach Ginger Tea. It wasn't bad. Its an acquired taste that I enjoyed. Sometimes sugar can take away from the flavor.

AGLanta was on sight to enlighten us. They showcased local grown foods that this initiative has brought. This project helps Atlanta communities grown and maintain healthy foods. The farmers in this program grow everything from small spices like basil and peppermint to large vegetables like pumpkins. The veggies were plump and looked good enough to eat. I see this initiative continuing to thrive.

The True Food Kitchen was another new brand that I was not familiar with. In short, they make healthy food taste really good. They utilize local farms to create dishes that are not only healthy but taste amazing! They've even incorporated traditional dishes in their recipes. I got some great shots of the seasonal salad, the herb hummus and even the chia seed pudding.

One of my favorite game day spots was there in the mix. Three Dollar Cafe gave out gigantic portions as samples. They gave out a crazy amount of wings and homemade mozzarella sticks. I got their steak fries and couldn't even finish it. They were so tasty.

Welch's Juice put a new spin on things. They offered their new product 'Juice Isle' which was made from 100% coconut water. Wow! I got the mango and it wasn't bad. It was unique and probably tastes better cold. I will most definitely look for them in stores.

One of the best parts of this event is that you get to try restaurants that you've never tried before. I was all in for Your Pie. I have seen them pop up all over Atlanta. I just never had the opportunity to try their cuisine. The Great White sounded appetizing. This all white pie is topped with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, mozzarella, ricotta and feta cheese. It was delectable!

I'm not a huge mayonnaise fan and it was hard to look past the bright yellow tent of Duke's Mayonnaise. They were celebrating 100 years in existence. That is a huge accomplishment. Come to find out they made their birthday cake with their mayonnaise. Really Duke? I decided to live on the wild side and try the cake sample. I couldn't taste the mayo! It was like a magic trick or something. And asked the young lady giving out the samples if the mayonnaise was really baked into the cake. She said yes after the third time I asked.

Dry Sparkling is one of my favorite drink brands. I recall being introduced to them at a private event last fall. Since then I can't get enough. My favorite would have to be Ginger Dry. I love ginger and any way it can be paired is usually good. My second favorite is Vanilla. I don't know what it is. Its an old favorite that I just can't get enough of.

Quorn is climbing to the top of grocery lists. This vegan line of products is both delicious and health conscious. They prepared an exquisite sausage in marinara sauce. Everything was vegan. This is the perfect brand for anyone seeking to transition from eating meat.

Overall, I was completely stuffed when I left the park. This tradition at Historic Fourth Ward Park will continue for generations to come. Thank you Taste of Atlanta for your patience and consideration. I enjoyed my talk with marketing manager Skye and words cannot express my gratitude. I look forward to many more memories in the future!

Photo Credit: Ash Said It LLC


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