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Peacock Print SPIbelt ***REVIEW

Peacock SPIbelt

Getting my fitness in while I'm on the road can be a challenge. I often forget a lot of small but necessary things. Such as my phone, accessories and everything else. The SPIbelt has been a lifesaver. This small personal item belt expands to hold all my daily essentials when I go for a jog in the park. I do not like holding my phone in my hands when I'm trying to get my cardio in. It is distracting and I often drop it. Shoulder straps to hold the phone can be restricting too. The SPIbelt expands in a way that you can't predict just by looking at it.

When I received my Peacock Print SPIbelt, I could hardly believe that it would fit my most prized possession. My phone. When you open the actual pouch you will notice how the fabric is uniquely folded. As you add items to the pouch it will expand. Not only will it expand but it will hold your items in place without bouncing.

It fits comfortably on my waist and I almost forget I'm wearing it. The band around the pouch is adjustable and the buckle is easy to use. This is the perfect gift for the athlete in your life or non athlete. This is a great item for anyone that doesn't want to carry around a gigantic bag but needs to keep certain items on them discreetly.

The SPIbelt gets the 'Ash Said it Stamp of Approval'. Its compact, won't bounce, and light weight. The holidays are coming up so get your SPIbelt before they sell out.

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