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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey presents Art, Beats and Lyrics Atlanta ***Review

Ash Said it attends Art Beats and Lyrics Atlanta 2017

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey presents Art, Beats & Lyrics ATL! Art, Beats and Lyrics is an urban art & music exhibition that was founded by Cult Culture. This venture began over a decade ago in Atlanta, Ga. Fans were more than thrilled to attend the Atlanta stop this year. The location was the beautiful new Mercedes Benz Stadium. What started as a small local event has transformed into a widely anticipated show for art connoisseurs. Chicago, Saint Louis, Houston & Atlanta look forward to this special affair annually. Each market has a different vibe as it highlights artists local to that area.

One of the reasons why I love Atlanta is the diversity here. Regardless of what you want to do, there is always an option here. Art forms are no different. Event Curator Dwayne 'Dubleyoo' Wright walked a group of media professionals through the outdoor art exhibit. This experience was more connecting than any other show. The artists were right there to answer any questions about their work. We rarely get this type of opportunity to directly speak with the creator.

One of my favorite stops was at the Fabian Williams 'Malcolm Magneto'. This painting/sculpture

was breathtaking. To pair the two figures (Malcolm X & Magnet) in this arrangement was genius. I never would have put them together so seamlessly.

I was even more impressed when Dwayne 'Dubleyoo' Wright showed us his display. He intended for it to mirror his actual workspace. He wanted to create the feel that you were actually in the apartment where he creates his art. This was incredible.

Dubleyoo's enthusiasm was contagious and fueled the tour. It was like catching up with friends we had not seen in a minute. While we were walking through and visually enjoying sights, local djs delighted our ears. I heard a lot of old school music along with some new tracks. The number one rule for a dj is that you must know your crowd.

The stage captivated everyone in the vicinity when Rakim hit the stage. This was the moment that everyone was waiting for. He is often regarded as one of the most skilled MCs of all time. And he reminded us again why he is one of the greatest to have ever done it!

The Art, Beats & Lyrics exhibit gets the 'Ash Said It Stamp of Approval'. I can't believe this is the first year that I was able to attend. I will not miss another!

Visit for info when they will be in your city next!

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