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YEBO SKI HAUS is simply the BEST!

Scallops at Yebo Ski Haus Buckhead

As the seasons change, so does Yebo Beach Haus. They transform every winter into the Yebo Ski Haus. The transformation is out of this world. I've never known an establishment to go as far as to completely change their interior. One would have to frequent this Buckhead hot spot to appreciate the change.

Not only has the interior changed but so has the menu. Most restaurants add a cute little wreath on the front door or even a mini Christmas tree on the porch. Yebo Ski Haus wants people to talk and they have certainly established that. I love this place for the casual ambiance, friendly staff and the sensational food. The cocktails are simply the best. They even have some themed for the season.

Ash Said It was among the the cream of the crop industry leaders invited to an exclusive media dinner hosted by Yebo Ski Haus. We had the pleasure of being seated with the True Story Brands founder & CEO Justin Anthony and his beautiful wife Kelly. Mrs. Anthony is quite the trailblazer herself. Her design company Wolf Design Group is one of the most sought after brands in Atlanta.

These business moguls were a delight to spend the evening with. Many of us in the dining area were virtual strangers. By the end of the evening, everyone was like extended family. That is what this place is all about.

The menu was the most extensive I've ever seen for a press event. The food was served in such a fashion that brought people together. Everything was in shareable portions. First course included fondue, arugula salad and brussel sprouts. Main course were scallops, bolognese, curry pot pie and steak frites. Dessert was incredible. We had amarula cheesecake, amores creme brûlée and snowman gelato. The night was not complete without the famed 'shot skis'.

This was an incredible night and another reason to visit Buckhead more often. This place never missed the mark. Ever. Breathtaking decor, fabulous bites and good times are a constant at Yebo Ski Haus. Do yourself a favor and visit them soon. Tell them 'Ash Said it' sent ya!

Photos Courtesy of Ash Said It LLC

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