Katt Williams Celebrates 20 Years!

Katt Williams Celebrates 20 in the business!

As he approaches his 20th anniversary in the business, the veteran entertainer known for his insightful, often polarizing material gears up to embark on his next tour with a renewed sense of self, yet the exact same mode of operation that turned the once emancipated teenager into a household name — comedy on his own terms.

In 2017, Williams returned to the stage renewed. The long-awaited rebirth of the beloved comedian is more than a reinvention, and the Katt with seemingly more than nine lives, is set to hit the road with a kind of vigor found only in newly-awakened individuals. Katt can be seen today on the big screen in the major Warner Bros. film Father Figures, starring alongside Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, which opened in theaters on Dec. 22, 2017.

A Katt Williams stand-up show is more than a guaranteed belly laugh. As one of this generation’s rare urban public officials, Williams guarantees his audience an experience that will encourage further conversation after his curtain closes—it’s an articulate, sharp dialogue rooted in evergreen conversations — all a mere (and mirror) reflection of the American political landscape.

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