PRODUCT: I take this diffuser on the road!

I Take This diffuser on the road!

Diffusers are hit or miss with me. I have a hefty collection of them. Some require a lot of water. While others need less. They all can incorporate essential oils but I usually don't know how much to use. I've never had a diffuser that did not depend on water. That was until I tried the Gurananda Natural Mist USB Diffuser.

This petite little plug-in is the answer for anyone that lives on the go like I do. If you're seeking a tranquil ambiance with your favorite scents this is the product for you.

Every month I visit a different city. With constant movement in my world, it can be hard to get settled. This diffuser is small but packs a big punch. Before I knew it, our office space was overtaken by a sweet fragrance from this product.

I took it with me to Nashville and it was an instant hit. Coworkers questioned me all about this new discovery and where they could get one. It has a usb so it can plug into any usb port.

I found a port behind the monitor on the wall and plugged it in. It worked! It was a bit lopsided but it still operated without missing a beat.

Before, I had no way of carrying my old diffuser without a hassle. And I could only use a certain type of water with it. I love traveling with this one! Its compact design makes it easy

for it to fit in my purse.

The absolute best part is that there is no water involved. So there's no mess. I don't have to measure anything at all. The oils come in bottles that can easily attach to the diffuser. Its simple, stress free and soothing.

There are two settings for mist. In the blue setting, the mist will occur every 10 minutes. The green setting activates every 20 minutes. My favorite essential oils are lavender, peppermint and chamomile. These as well as many other varieties are available on

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