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Utter Nonsense Game ***REVIEW

Utter Nonsense: Family Edition ash said it

I am not big on holidays. However, a Christmas party would give me the opportunity to try out a new game. Utter Nonsense. I am not good with accents so things will get interesting. I picked Tina to be the Nonsense Judge. This player decides who wins each round. Whoever makes her laugh the hardest will take that round.

It is really simple. There are two sets of cards in each deck. Accents and phrases. The accents have 50 cards. And phrases have 450. The point of the game is to use the accent on your given card while quoting the phrase. The Nonsense Judge decides who's phrase/accent combination is the funniest.

At first no one really wanted to play. I got the eye rolls and the walkaways quick. With some vodka shots, it was easy to convince others to join in the fun. We had two teams. After the first round things really took off. I don't believe any of us, myself included, could give a correct sounding accent. That made it even more enjoyable. No one was hung up on sounding exactly like the accents. Later in the game, people were reading phrases that weren't even on the cards!

This game is a phenomenal ice breaker for any group. We all knew one another and it was still entertaining. No one was stuck on saying the phrases 'right'. I'm confident that no of us know accents well enough to imitate them. I can't recall the last time I had so much fun while being at home. I can't wait for our next game night!

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