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REVIEW: The Republic of Tea Single Sips

Republic of Tea Single Sips Turmeric

When you're on the road constantly, it can be a difficult task to to find peace. With emails, missed calls and everything else that comes with being a full time entreprenuer things are sometimes very hectic for me. Everyone should have something to keep them centered. The Republic of Tea's Single Sips tend to bring me back to planet earth.

Grandma Lou always reminded us to drink something hot in the mornings. She said it helped our systems get started. I agree. I'm ready to conquer the day after a hot cup of tea.

Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties but it can do so much more. It can aid heart disease, alzheimers and even arthritis. This heavy hitter combined with ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and monk fruit make for an exciting blend. I was delighted to taste how each element came toghether for a delicious hot drink.

I absolutely love the fact that its caffeine free. I get the jitters for a bit after I have too much caffeine. No worries about that here. I like to drink teas a bit unconventional. I don't sweeten it. Alot of people look at me crazy when I tell them that I don't use sugar. I don't really care. I like to expreience the true flavors uninterrupted.

The single sips are portable which make them perfect for travel. As I was headed back to Atlanta, I grabbed a hot cup of water from a coffee spot. I opened my Turmeric Single Sips and began to blend briskly. The aroma from the steam was captivating. I almost forgot I had a flight to catch!

Think of The Republic of Tea for your alternative to coffee. Its perfect for anyone on the go that needs a taste of home. Its the best tea on the planet because 'Ash Said it' was!

Click Here for more on this amazing brand.

This blog post contains links sponsored by The Republic of Tea.

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