REVIEW: The Neck Hammock

The Neck Hammock is an amazing new invention that is quickly sweeping the nation. For decades, people have struggled with neck pain and discomfort. Those days are long gone now. In just 10 minutes, this innovative tool can change your world. It's changed mine!

I am constantly driving city to city for work. My neck is tremedously affected by these trips. Ice packs don't seem to work and heat is not the answer. After two days of 10 minute sessions in my Neck Hammock, the strain on the back of my neck is gone. It was that simple.

This lightweight hammock can attach to a door handle or a sturdy post. The kit includes the hammock, strap, bungee strap and eye mask. Everything fit comfortably inside a petite travel bag. And its small enough to fit in my purse. There is no better way I like to unwind after a hectic day than in my Neck Hammock.

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