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City Winery ATL Is More Than Drinks

Salmon at City Winery Atlanta

Atlanta is a city with so much to offer. Our parks are the ultimate backdrop. Now that we're in summer months all the festivals have begun. One place that remains consistent throughout seasons is City Winery ATL. This place has the most extensive variety of wines that I've ever seen.

They are the city's only urban winery, intimate music venue, restaurant, bar and private event space under one roof! Wow. I can't even recall how many times I've visited. Clients have met me here for lunch, I’ve caught up with colleagues over drinks here and I've enjoyed a few shows solo.

With their vineyard just down the street, it's not a wonder why there are new wines added regularly. My mood will usually lead me to my drink of choice. Sometimes, it’s a rose kind of day. While other times, chardonnay is calling my name. Either way I'm never disappointed with my selection.

I think the biggest misconception is that they are all about drinks. That is simply not true. Whether you're visiting for a comedy show or you make it in time for happy hour, there are many impressive food options. Meat eaters are always welcome. Many are pleasantly surprised by the vegetarian and vegan selections. They are very inclusive and cover all bases.

Recently, I was invited to a media tasting event at City Winery ATL. While at this affair, I was introduced to their most popular menu items. The spread prepared for us was magnificent. Everything from fried chicken, salmon and their infamous flatbread were ready for our consumption.

I don't frequent too many spots that have good hummus. The hummus here is sensational. It isn't bland at all. It is perhaps the best hummus in Atlanta. It tastes homemade and I could really appreciate the blend.

Brussel sprouts were not my favorite growing up. What kid ate this dish willingly? They smelled funny and tasted even worse. City Winery ATL makes the best Brussel sprouts of all time! Between the feta cheese and the wine vinaigrette, it creates a melodious symphony you won't soon forget.

I was smiling from ear to ear when they brought out my favorite dish. The Margherita pizza. I get this every single time I visit. Sometimes I share with friends. Other times I enjoy it with a glass of bubbly. It's always a great choice.

Executive Chef Nicholas Anderson passed through to drop some knowledge about astonishing creations. I was delighted to learn that most of the ingredients are locally sourced. That's so important. Chef also told us that he can be found any given day at the local farmers market getting fresh food for the restaurant.

Head Winemaker Travis Green is Atlanta’s only winemaker. His family has been making wine for generations. City Winery ATL was fortunate to get him. It was such a pleasure getting a tour of the winery from him. He gave a lot of insightful tips along the way.

If you haven’t been to City Winery ATL, do not let the summer pass without stopping in. The staff is kind, the venue is accommodating and you will leave with a greater appreciation of this great city. Click Here for more. Why should you visit City Winery? Because Ash Said It! #ashsaidit

This post contains links sponsored by City Winery ATL

Photo Credit: Ash Brown for Ash Said it LLC

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