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Blood Orange Manhattan at Fogo de Chao Atlanta

Spring is in the air and you know what that means. New menu items at Fogo de Chao! My favorite brazilian steakhouse is at it again. Guests can take their pick of springtime theme cocktails, Brazil inspired meat selections, brand new soups/salads and much more. Where do we begin this journey?

As most of you already know, I am pescatarian. I wouldn’t dream of tasting the Pork Picanha or the Linguica Sausage. So I decided to surprise my sister for her birthday. She has no issues with meat and gladly took my portions. Lol. She had never been and was in for a treat. The Pork Picanha is butchered and prepared with the same simple style as traditional Picanha. It is then carved tableside.

The Linguica Sausage is pork sausage with red pepper, garlic and fresh onion. My sister got a hearty portion of this. She loved how fresh it was as well as the flavor blend. While she enjoyed the VIP treatment tableside, I was in my own world. My heart skipped a beat when my Pan Seared Salmon arrived.

This fish could not have been prepared any better than it was. It was absolutely beautiful. A part of me didn’t even want to eat it. I just wanted to admire its dazzling appeal. Then I actually came to and started in! By far this is the best salmon I’ve ever had. The only seafood that can beat this dish is their Mango Chilean Sea Bass. The sea bass is my usual favorite but now the salmon is on my radar.

We had to toast to my sister’s born day with the latest cocktail. The Blood Orange Manhattan. Buffalo Trace Bourbon is shaken with Carpano Antica, blood orange and angostura bitters, then served on the rocks. This combination was subtle. It was a delightful accent to an impeccable evening.

I’m not a big fan of cauliflower but Fogo has changed that for certain. The Roasted Cauliflower Salad was sensational! Imagine an oven-roasted vegetable with olive oil, garlic and black pepper, then topped with scallions and sesame seeds. I loved it! A delightful melody of flavors that you have to experience for yourself.

The kale and orange salad was another surprise. I would have never thought of combining the two. They actually compliment each other quite well. The citrus-honey vinaigrette dressing brings it all together. I hope this remains on the menu.

I was delighted to discover the new Carrot & Ginger Soup. This gluten-free combo brought together two things seamlessly. The soup is blended with fresh herbs and coconut milk. Each spoonful was a delicious piece of heaven. My sis enjoyed this as well.

I was so captivated by these new items that I forgot to sample their new wine addition. ‘Eulila’ is a red wine blend specially created exclusively for Fogo restaurants by the award-winning winemakers at Viña Vik. Revel in this masterpiece by the glass or by the bottle. Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes from the Cachapoal Valley in Chile create this unique blend. It has officially been put on my list for the next visit.

And of course no meal is complete without dessert. Crème de Coconut was just introduced. This new sweet treat features shredded coconut baked with condensed milk and cream, then served warm with ice cream and lime zest. Literally a slice of paradise. If this doesn’t satisfy your sweets craving nothing will.

Fogo de Chao is absolutely my favorite spot in the city. Every time I visit, I’m greeted warmly by staff, catered to like a celebrity and I leave with a full belly. There is no better way to catch up with family and friends. Click here to explore their new springtime menu as well as the classics at your local Fogo restaurant. Why? Because Ash Said It! #ashsaidit

Photos Courtesy of Ash Said It LLC

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