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Your New Fashion Must-Have: Brilliant Umbrellas from La Bella

Your New Fashion Must-Have: Brilliant Umbrellas from La Bella

Umbrellas. . . you may think of them just as a utilitarian object, but umbrella company La Bella Umbrella wants to change this.

La Bella Umbrella offers beautiful, colorful umbrellas created as a fashion accessory, not just something that you pull out without thinking. Don’t let a little rain ruin your outfit, instead, use the chance to enhance it with one of La Bella Umbrella’s unique designs that feature everything from poppies to stained glass to beautiful landmarks. There’s even a sushi design! These beautiful umbrellas are works of art that will compliment any outfit and can be chosen to match the buyer's personality. And each La Bella Umbrella comes in a gorgeous box, perfect for gift giving - a unique touch.

La Bella Umbrellas are made to last, with manufacturing elements that are custom to the brand. All of the four models are extremely lightweight and rustproof, with flexible fiberglass ribs that prevent them from breaking. Their comfortable handle is a signature white color and rubber coated for a nice grip.

They feature four umbrella types:

  • Automatic: Easy to open and close the umbrella with the push of a button.

  • Manual: This lightweight model, weighing only 270 grams, opens and closes by hand – simply push up and pull down.

  • Stick: The umbrella with the best rain protection, with a cover size of 52” and fully fiberglass - with no metal parts! Very light for the huge canopy size.

  • Reverse: These inverted umbrellas have a canopy that flips inside out. When closing, the canopy opens away from you instead of towards you, keeping you dry as you get in your car. It also has vented pockets allowing air to pass through, making it super windproof. The gorgeous design is on both sides of the canopy.

Why reach for black when you can grab an umbrella with color and style, to match your personality AND your outfit? La Bella Umbrella offers 48 designs to choose from.

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