FORM Yoga Offering Scholarship For Students

ATLANTA: Located in Decatur, FORM Yoga is known for their inclusive atmosphere as well as their playful and transformative classes. They’re continuing to stay true to their reputation during this era of COVID-19 by setting up a scholarship for students, deemed the Seva Scholarship Fund.

Created by Mandy Roberts, founder of FORM Yoga, the scholarship is named “Seva,” because it was inspired by the meaning of the word itself. Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service, and in action means giving back to the world. It is also believed to be a pathway to self-realization, spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the greater good of an individual and in turn, the whole community. The Seva Scholarship Fund does just that by providing yoga to those who need it most.

“The Seva idea came about from the support of our community,” said Roberts. “It was inspiring and heartwarming to see how much everyone cared about not just FORM as a business, but all the individuals who benefit from the stress release that a consistent yoga practice offers. We’re hoping this initiative continues to draw community support so we can sustain meeting this ongoing need.”

Every donation made to the Seva Scholarship Fund supports a student by giving them access to FORM Yoga’s online yoga platform and also serves to support the studio by maintaining revenue. Every recipient of the scholarship will also receive access to one month of online yoga and FORM Yoga will match each donation 100%. To donate to the scholarship or apply as a recipient, head to their website.

Although yoga studios are technically now allowed to reopen due to restrictions lifted by Governor Kemp, Roberts has decided it’s in the best interest of FORM Yoga and the greater community to continue operating via online only. They plan to only reopen when concrete data is provided to support the decline of the current pandemic.

For more information on the Seva Scholarship Fund, how to donate, how to apply and how to sign up for online classes with FORM Yoga, head to

About FORM Yoga: Located in the City of Decatur, FORM Yoga has been owned by Mandy Roberts since 2012. The studio offers a variety of all levels yoga styles and classes including restorative, stretch, power, vinyasa and more They are currently operating online only. For more details and a complete class schedule, head to

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