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3D Printer That Replicates Human Organs ‘Not That Far-Fetched’

Author Stephen Steele continues the epic adventures of botanist and broke rancher Cyd Seeley and her partner, recovering drug addict Dr. Alex Farmer, in The Organ Grinder Factor, Book two in Steele’s action suspense thriller trilogy, The Trouble with Miracles.

Drawing upon real-world events, The Organ Grinder Factor takes readers from the unspeakable horrors of child slavery in Africa to today’s turmoil in the Middle East.

As the story begins, Alex and Cyd are in desperate search of a place to safely grow their Cannastar, a miracle cure for viruses that Big Pharm has made illegal. They shipwreck off the west coast of Africa and wash ashore in the drug and war-torn nation of Guinea-Bissau. Forced to flee for their lives, they arrive in Senegal where they become involved in the country’s real-life child slavery problem and are nearly killed for their efforts.

They find refuge in Israel where they meet the inventor of the Organ Grinder, a 3D printer that replaces damaged internal organs without the need for surgery.

“This is not that far-fetched,” Steele said during an interview. “Scientists have already been able to replicate human tissue with a 3D printer.”

In the book, the experimental research is funded by a ruthless billionaire with a secret past who becomes Cyd and Alex’s investor in a vast new Cannastar plantation.

But while living in Israel, Cyd is badly wounded in a rocket attack. Her only chance of survival is the Organ Grinder — which has never been tested on a human being.

The Organ Grinder Factor is the action-filled follow-up to Steele’s The Cannastar Factor, which introduced readers to Cyd and Alex and traced their desperate quest to grow Cannastar. Book Three in the series, The Trouble with Miracles, has just been released and tells the story of a desperate race to keep the discovery of the ancient secret to fusion energy out of the wrong hands in an adventure that ranges from Chile’s high northern desert to the magic of Easter Island and its mysterious statues.

About the Author

Stephen Steele is a graduate of the University of North Texas with degrees in English literature and marketing. An avid sailor, swimmer and mountain biker, the author worked as a salesman, syndicator of television sports shows, builder and developer, ski instructor and cowboy. He lives in Montana in an 1800s Victorian home with his ruthless editor, Beverly.

For more information, please visit, or follow the author on the following social media sites: Twitter: @StephenSteeleMT; Instagram: stephensteelebooks; Facebook: Stephen Steele – Author.

The Organ Grinder Factor

Publisher: Speaking Volumes

ISBN-10: ‎ 1645405583

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1645405580

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