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Are You Living in a High Spam Call State? The Top 10 States Exposed

  • Arizona ranks as the state where the most spam calls are being received, with a whopping 927.05 spam calls per 10,000 population in the last five years.

  • Colorado is second by a whisker, while Maryland is third.

  • Alaska, North Dakota, and Mississippi are the states that received the least number of calls.

A new study by public records database Radaris discovered that Arizona is the state that received the most amount of spam calls between 2018 and 2022.

The study analyzed a dataset of over 5 million reported cases comprised in the “Do Not Call Data Books” from the Federal Trade Commission and compared the total number of calls from 2018 to 2022 to the population of each state to discover which one got the most calls per 10,000 people.

Arizona takes the top spot with a staggering total of 682,235 reported spam calls during the study period. Compared to the population of Arizona, this equates to a daunting rate of 927.05 spam calls per 10,000 individuals, earning it the number one rank in the nation for spam call frequency.

Following closely behind, Colorado and Maryland claim the second and third spots respectively. Colorado experienced a rate of 910.19 spam calls per 10,000 residents, while Maryland's inhabitants faced 893.42 spam calls per 10,000 individuals.

Further down on the list, Nevada takes fourth place, while Virginia closes the top five, with 282,128 and 766,008 spam calls respectively, and rates of 887.82 and 882.13 per 10,000 population. Nevada's status as a tourist destination and its relatively small population density may contribute to its high per capita spam call rate, while Virginia's position as a hub for government agencies and defense contractors may make it a prime target for fraudulent schemes.

Delaware, New Jersey, Oregon, Connecticut, and Ohio complete the top ten, each experiencing substantial volumes of spam calls relative to their populations, between 876.88 and 819.87 per 10,000 population.

Interestingly, states with high levels of economic activity and connectivity, such as New Jersey and Connecticut, also feature prominently on the list, suggesting a correlation between socioeconomic factors and spam call prevalence.


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