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Celebrate National Sandwich Day (11/3) with these Tasty Tips!

One of the tastiest holidays of the year is around the corner – National Sandwich Day is Tuesday, November 3rd. And is there anything more satisfying than a really good sandwich?

To celebrate, TheSoul Publishing has compiled some creative and delicious sandwich hacks on their popular 123 Go! YouTube channel. Would you be interested in sharing with your readers? These fun tips include:

  • No-Toaster Grilled Cheese: Add your favorite cheese between two slices of bread and wrap in foil – and iron with a clothes iron! You’ll have a gooey, cheesy treat in seconds without even turning on the stove or using a toaster.

  • The Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich: On the sweet side of sandwichery, the perfect ice cream sandwich can be made by using a sharp knife to cut through an ice cream container for perfect cylinders. Squish between two freshly baked cookies, and enjoy!

  • Protect Yourself from Mess: To prevent messy spills or greasy fingers, use your French fry container when you eat a fast food sandwich! It’ll catch any drips and keep your hands clean, too.


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