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Chris Brown’s Daughter Enjoys Strawberry Pencil Magic

Strawberry Pencil Magic is colorful children’s picture books that allow a child’s imagination to flourish! The books are sold in Barnes & Noble stores and Barnes & Noble online. Recently shared by celebrity Chris Brown’s daughter "Royalty Brown" @missroyaltybrown on Instagram. Royalty Brown just posted about one of the author’s latest stories: Peri and Her Plant.” The author, Michael Girgenti, loves the limitlessness of children’s books and writes his stories without fear of failing. From Girgenti’s original stories about talking shirts and socks taking an adventure from the mall to the ocean, and a new book about a pancake that turns into a waffle athen into a solar panel, to the bestselling book that includes sea otters wearing helmets and using their archery skills to defend their den--your child will be entertained and asking for more SPM! Strawberry Pencil Magic entertains and inspires the creative minds of the future by creating stories without limits.


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