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Protect Your Peace with The Spa Girl Life

Anyone who really knows me knows that I’m obsessed with candles. They also know that I’m a stickler for anything without chemicals/harmful materials. My #cosmicKarma candle from The Spa Girl Life is by FAR my favorite candle of 2020! I told their founder Nicole, on my latest podcast episode, that I’m hesitant to light it because the natural aroma from it deodorizes my bedroom instantly.

I took your advice Nicole. And yes as you can see I lit the candle. I love it! Who knew you could blend soy and coconut in an organic wax?! There are 8 candles to choose from. Each is accompanied by stone pairings and a guided meditation. With everything going on I’m glad that something like this can brighten my day! Get your Zen on at!

Want 15% off your first order? I got you! The promo code is 'ashsaid15'

CLICK HERE for more on The Spa Girl Life. CLICK HERE for an exclusive interview with the founder of The Spa Girl Life.


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