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Impactful Family Saga Explores Tragedy and Offers Hope to Readers Who Can Relate

Award-winning author Charlene Wexler is no stranger to unexpected tragedy and loss. After surviving the death of her child, she turned to writing as therapy. The story that blooms from this writing effort is Lori, a family saga that centers on one woman's struggles to navigate the unexpected twists and turns of a life that veers dramatically off course. Rather than riding off into the sunset with a prince, she faces an alcoholic husband, a tyrannical mother-in-law, a fatally ill child and the threat of economic ruin.

This gripping story deals with relationships between family and friends, divorce, alcoholism, infidelity, homosexuality, the judicial system, the Holocaust, financial booms and busts, cancer, and loss.

“Besides being a captivating read, the book will give one confidence to deal with similar problems,” Wexler said. “It was written mainly for women who must wear different hats, and rely on friends and hidden strengths to deal in a world full of unknowns.”

In the book, Lori’s best friend, Adele, is there to help until Adele has troubles of her own. Lori, now thousands of miles away from Chicago, finds a new friend who has a surprising connection to Lori’s past.

The story covers the early ’70s to 2003 and takes readers from Chicago to Arizona, Florida, Israel and Germany, covering the societal changes of the last quarter of the 20th century.

But Lori’s story doesn’t end there.

“I’ve written a sequel that finds Lori as a 70-year-old,” Wexler added. “On her way to visit her granddaughter in London, she becomes involved in a murder. It is called, Murder Across The Ocean.”

About the Author

A native Chicagoan, Charlene Wexler has been a teacher, wife, dental office manager, mother and grandmother. In retirement, her lifelong passion for writing has led her to create several essays and novels. Her other books include Murder on Skid Row, Milk and Oranges, Murder Across the Ocean and Elephants In The Room. Her newest books, Farewell To South Shore and We Won't Go Back, are scheduled for publication in 2024. She lives in Illinois with her dentist husband. Her three adorable grandchildren live out of state but visit often.

For more information, please visit or, or connect with her on Twitter (@toothkey).


Publisher: Speaking Volumes

ISBN-10: 1645408973

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1645408970

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