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NASHVILLE ­– Country/Pop artist Torrey McDowell is set to release her debut EP Not A Man on Friday, June 2. Written by Torrey and produced by Christian Harger (Patrick Droney, Michael Shynes & Cassadee Pope), this EP will take you from joyous highs to tearful lows as you experience relationship struggles and her journey to self-acceptance. This EP is as personal as it gets for me. The songs will take you on a journey of self-acceptance, following intuition and love. Above all, I want listeners to feel empowered to be their true and authentic selves,” says Torrey. This EP is a reflection of the struggles Torrey faced opening up about her identity. It showcases the theme of wanting to find acceptance for who you are and who you love. The EP features four singles including the title track Not A Man, which is a heartbreaking example of what it's like to feel you will never be accepted solely because of who you love. The other tracks like Come Back to Georgia, It Gets Better and Outloud are available now. Having penned or co-penned nearly every song on this EP, Torrey showcases her songwriting skills and creative genre-bending melodies in this release. The latest single off the EP, Come on Back to Georgia, garnered mentions on AP News and was featured on The Q LGBTQ Creative Network's New Queer Friday playlist on Spotify. Georgia-born Nashville transplant Torrey McDowell is a survivor. Having battled depression and overcome an abusive relationship, Torrey owns her identity as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. She draws inspiration from all corners of the musical spectrum and has been compared to her influences JoJo, Jennifer Hudson, Kelsea Ballerini, Sam Smith and other cross-genre creators. Fans can pre-save Not A Man by clicking here: “Working with Torrey on this project was such a blast. From the very first meeting we had, we had her vulnerability, authenticity and joyful presence began to steer the ship in the perfect direction," says producer Christian Harger. Not A Man tracklist 1. Come On Back to Georgia 2. It Gets Better 3. Not A Man 4. Outloud Torrey McDowell Buzz

  • “Torrey displays such determination and creativity when it comes to being a successful musician in Nashville. Each moment of us working together, she was a versatile songwriter with strong music business acumen.” – Tae Lewis, member of the Black Opry and previous opener for Ernest and Reyna Roberts

  • “Tenacity and honesty are tough qualities to ignore when it comes to Torrey McDowell. She's prepared to shoulder the real things and put them in song, right out in the open. Torrey will be soaring before we know it!” – Leah Hudson-Binkerd, Banner Music

  • “Torrey is an artist focused on being true to herself. She picks songs and writes lyrics that take her real life and find the beauty in experience. Her integrity as an artist is what sets her apart and will turn heads. Working with her is to spend time with a friend; she always brings her whole self to a write.”Caroline Kid, featured artist About Torrey McDowell What began as a love of choir and music in her youth ultimately blossomed into a passion for artist Torrey McDowell. In second grade, Torrey began songwriting and went on to earn a vocal performance scholarship to continue her musical passions at Piedmont University. Beyond the walls of academia, the Georgia-native’s musical mission became focused on healing, growth and empowerment. Torrey’s music creates a safe haven for music fans who seek comfort from the tough moments in life, serving as the truth and encouragement she needed herself just years ago. Through battling depression, overcoming an abusive relationship and owning her identity as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, Torrey draws inspiration from all corners of the musical spectrum. Some of her influences include JoJo, Jennifer Hudson, Kelsea Ballerini, Sam Smith and other cross-genre artists. Now based in Nashville, Torrey will debut her message-driven EP in summer 2023 and is actively booking local and regional performances. Stay tuned for more on this rising star’s horizon! Follow Torrey online: · Website: Torrey McDowell Music · Spotify: Torrey McDowell on Spotify · Instagram: @torreymcd · TikTok: @torreymcd


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