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Never Post Your Hotel On Social Media: Expert

Whether you’re gearing up for your Easter vacation or you’ve got a trip planned in the next few weeks, if you’re staying in a beautiful hotel, it’s tempting to post photos all over social media so everyone can see what a great time you’re having.

But Vincent Iachetta Jr., president of Peppermonkey Media, reveals how you could be unknowingly making yourself vulnerable by posting your hotel on social media.

Your Home Could Be Burgled

With the rise of social media, burglars can now use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to find empty houses. This is why you should never do vacation countdown posts or disclose the start and end dates of your trip. Airport shots and hotel photos tell criminals you’re leaving or have left the country or state, meaning your home is empty and open for burglary. 

Vincent says, ‘Even worse, if you post on social media and are later burgled, your insurance company may reject your claim, saying that you made yourself vulnerable through avoidable actions. If you tag your friends while you’re away, you’ll reveal their locations too, putting them at risk.’

You Could Reveal Your Hotel Room

If you post hotel photos while on vacation, you make it easier for criminals to track your movements and location in real time. This could open the door to stalking, rape, theft, assault, and more. If you’re a female solo traveler, you’re at even greater risk. Finally, if someone discovers your room number, they could fraudulently charge services to your room, running up a huge bill that you’ll have to pay for! This is why your room number should be a secret only you and the hotel’s receptionist know.

You Can’t Trust Public Wi-Fi

Vincent says, ‘Public Wi-Fi is often freely available in cafes, shops, train stations, and airports. While free Wi-Fi is tempting, these networks are notoriously insecure, so hackers could easily view your hotel pictures and vacation information. You could also expose sensitive data like your login credentials or financial information. In turn, cybercriminals could access your social media accounts, financial resources, and more.’

What You Should Do

Before traveling, make sure your home is secure and alarmed, and consider asking a neighbor to check on your home and pick up your mail so it looks like you’re still at home. You can also set up lights on a timer to fool any watchful criminals into thinking there’s still someone inside the house. 

Vincent says, ‘Crucially, wait till you return home before you post your hotel pics. That way everyone can still enjoy them, and you’ll have complete peace of mind to enjoy your vacation.’


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