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RED Chocolate Announces Limited-Batch Releases InResponse to Growing Consumer Cravings

The premium European Chocolatier known for reduced calorie confections adds

apple and hazelnut, blonde and smooth nut filled bars to its line.

EXTON, Pa. - DATE - To provide healthier chocolate yet still satisfying their consumers' chocolate cravings, RED Chocolate is expanding its line to please everyone's palette. The popular brand will continue to offer limited-batch flavors through the fall and holiday seasons as a market response to the growing interest in better-for-you options.

In the spring, RED's limited-batch apple and hazelnut flavor sold out in three weeks. Coming soon they will add one blonde (caramelized white chocolate) and smooth nut filled bars to the mix. All of the Master European Chocolatier's offerings include no added sugar, reduced calories, and less fat.

“We’re staying true to our promise to deliver indulgence with no added sugar and as a company that has been at the forefront of our mission for years,” said Glenn Gardone, President and CEO. “We’re excited to bring even more reduced-calorie options for our RED fans to enjoy. We love our daily conversations with RED fans as well as listening to consumers’ feedback. Along with our decades of chocolate-making experience, we’ve come up with a unique and mouthwatering selection of limited offerings sure to tantalize sweet-tooths, providing pleasure without the guilt.”

Better-for-you chocolate is being requested more and more by consumers. RED’s indulgent low-calorie chocolate is gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, Keto and Weight Watchers-friendly, and made without palm oil. The limited batches include:

Apple and Hazelnut - RED’s beloved milk chocolate with no added sugar with pieces of apple and hazelnuts swirled throughout

Blonde - Mouthwatering milk chocolate caramelized through a patented process (creating delicate caramel from select German milk without any added sugar) with swirl-hardened bits of caramel reminiscent of a butterscotch flavor.

Smooth Nut Filled Bar - The popular milk chocolate with a smooth nut filling in a tablet offering (similar to the brand’s praline offerings)

RED Chocolate is made with cocoa from the Ivory Coast of Africa, whose farmers select, roast, and grind the cocoa beans to perfection. The European brand is one of the first to masterfully use the natural sugar from the cocoa bean itself as well as naturally occurring sugars from fruits such as melons to lightly sweeten their recipe, receiving more than 10 invention patents in the process. Ethically sourced and produced in a custom-designed environmentally conscious facility, the brand is one of the fastest-growing confectionaries in the industry.

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