top of page Survey Finds 1 in 7 Workers Spend Over $400 on Lunch Every Month Survey Finds 1 in 7 Workers Spend Over $400 on Lunch Every Month Survey Finds 1 in 7 Workers Spend Over $400 on Lunch Every Month, the premier resource for professional resume templates and

career advice, has published a recent survey report that investigates how often workers dine out

during the workweek and how much money they spend. The report also shares insight into

these workers’ current financial situations. The survey garnered responses from 800 corporate

workers who go into the office weekly.

According to the survey, 71 percent of workers say they buy lunch at least three times a week,

25 percent say four times a week, and 10 percent say five times a week. Forty-eight percent say

the average cost for each lunch is $20 or more. Similarly, the majority of workers also purchase

breakfast during the workweek. Sixty percent of workers say they buy breakfast at least three

times a week, and 10 percent say every day. Of workers who buy breakfast, 44 percent say

they spend $15 or more on each breakfast. Additionally, one in five workers say they purchase

coffee daily, and 90 percent buy it on a weekly basis.

“Purchases like this are so easy to overlook because first of all, they’re necessary – we’ve got to

eat – and secondly, they can go under the radar because they’re small purchases,” says

financial expert Gates Little. “The problem is they add up.”

Regardless of whether workers spend money on dining out during the workweek, 75 percent

say having an additional $250 every month would make a difference in their lives. Additionally,

nearly half of all workers surveyed are worried about their financial situation, and 25 percent

admit it is difficult to keep up with their monthly expenses. Likewise, half of the respondents

have some type of debt, and 1 in 3 specifically have credit card debt.

This survey was commissioned by and conducted online by the survey

platform Pollfish. It launched on September 21, 2023, and 800 respondents completed the full

survey. To qualify for the survey, all participants had to be employed for wages full-time. All

respondents were screened to include only those with a career in an office or corporate


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