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Sharon Stone: Welcome To My Garden

The C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut presents the East Coast premiere of Sharon Stone’s paintings with the new exhibition Sharon Stone: Welcome To My Garden, on view now through December 3.

Her art is praised by collectors and art world luminaries, including Jerry Saltz (the Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism). 

The gallery show features 19 paintings by Stone, and is the first time her artworks are exhibited outside of Los Angeles.

“I created these works to understand the essence of pure creativity that comes from heartfelt truth, to let go of the noise, the judgements, and the pollution of our societal pulls,” says Sharon Stone.

Her connection to nature is always visually present. “Color becomes a wavelength for me,” says Stone. “Being a colorist moves the directions of my paintings. Color speaks to me.”

Stone’s celebrated slide-shows of her paintings are taking Instagram by storm.

“We are honored to present the highly anticipated East Coast debut of Sharon Stone’s powerful art, for our tenth anniversary season,” says Tiffany Benincasa, the owner and curator of the C. Parker Gallery. “This new exhibition offers a never-before-seen panorama into Sharon Stone’s creative prowess. The artist invites viewers on a journey through the vibrant landscapes of her imagination, reflecting her inner world. A testament to Stone’s profound talents,” adds Benincasa.

The C. Parker Gallery is located at 409 Greenwich Avenue, just a 40-minute train ride from New York City.

Sharon Stone's immense talents and acute powers of observation blossomed onto the painted medium. Her ability to observe and interpret human behavior, and her capacity to turn human frailties into sources of strength, shine through in ways that are combative, conquering, and victorious.

Stone has been painting her entire life. In her early years, her Aunt Vonne had a Master’s degree in painting and would create murals across the walls of the home where she lived as a child.

She studied painting in college, and her artmaking became her laser-focus during the pandemic when she entered a new creative portal.

This period of planetary crisis transported Stone to open up new artistic channels, transferring her lifelong creative instincts onto the canvas. Since then, she paints every day, four to 17 hours per day.

Stone is internationally recognized as a global cultural leader, her many honors include: the Women Making History Award from the National Women’s History Museum; the Einstein Spirit of Achievement Award; the Nobel Peace Summit Award Laureate; the Golden Globe Award; a Prime-time Emmy Award; an Academy Award Nomination; she was named a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters in France; the 2023 Courage Award; the Harvard Humanitarian Award; and the Human Rights Campaign Humanitarian Award, among her many accolades.


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