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The Most Popular Celeb Wedding Dresses Ever

Many brides-to-be look to celebrity fashion icons for inspiration for their wedding dresses. If you had to pick, which celebrity’s wedding dress would you try to copy for your own big day? 

Claudia Postigo, a professional international wedding planner at The Planner Co., dives into the top celebrity wedding dresses everyone is still discussing.  







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Hailey Bieber

Virgil Abloh



Madelaine Brockway




Meghan Markle




Kourtney Kardashian

Dolce & Gabbana



Kate Middleton

Alexander McQueen



Paris Hilton

Oscar de la Renta



Ariana Grande

Vera Wang



Princess Diana

David and Elizabeth Emanuel



Sofia Richie




Simone Biles

Galia Lahav


Hailey Bieber

The daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and longtime girlfriend of Justin Beiber tied the knot with the pop star in 2019. When the wedding photos were revealed, the online community swarmed to admire the pearl-embellished custom gown by Virgil Abloh.  

The Design Highlights:

  • Corset bodice with off-the-shoulder sleeves

  • A long, lace tulle veil with pearl embellishment along the edges to match the dress

  • Long, sheer sleeves that reached halfway down the hands

  • A backless look, emerging in a V-shape just above the lower back

The Memorable Moments:

  • For photos, Hailey donned a long veil that had ‘Till death do us part’ embroidered at the bottom 

  • The unconventional dress garnered a lot of attention, and the designer’s label, Off-White, posted a detailed social media campaign about the design process, including intimate clips of Bieber’s final fitting before the big day.

Madelaine Brockway

Madelaine Brockway’s wedding hit the headlines late last year for being one of the most extravagant events of the year, costing a whopping 89 million dollars. With all the attention on the event, the public turned their eyes to the dress, a custom-made Dior Haute Couture gown. Although this heiress from Texas is probably the least well-known person on this list, her wedding was so intricately documented and legendary that it brought her into the spotlight.

The Design Highlights:

  • Embroidered with Lilly of the Valley, Madelaine’s favorite flower

  • Elegant off-the-shoulder look with a thin tulle covering over the chest and arms and delicate embroidery on the shoulders and forearms

The Memorable Moments:

  • The whole affair took place over several days in and around Paris

  • The bride and groom exchanged vows on a floating platform over a stunning water feature

  • The bride donned a white fur stole for the outdoor activities after the ceremony, including a concert by Maroon 5.

Meghan Markle

For one of the most-watched weddings of the twenty-first century, Meghan chose an extremely simple Givenchy gown that made her look flawlessly elegant. As one of the most celebrated royal family fashion events in history, Markle’s dress will likely stay on this list for years to come. 

The Design Highlights:

  • Three-quarter length sleeves

  • Made of silk

  • Had a focus on small, meaningful details

  • The veil was sixteen and a half feet long and embroidered with the flowers of the fifty-three commonwealth territories at the time and the California poppy, her home state’s flower.

The Memorable Moments:

  • ‘As an American woman of mixed race entering a royal institution, her choice to stay simple with her gown design made a cultural statement about veering away from the pomp and circumstance that the monarchy usually resorts to,’ says Claudia. ‘Perhaps that’s why people still talk about this dress, even years later.’ 

  • The moment when Meghan walked down the steps of the cathedral after the ceremony with her long veil perfectly flowing behind her is an iconic image.

Kourtney Kardashian

As one of the most unique dresses on this list, Kourtney chose a silk lace and satin mini dress by Dolce & Gabbana. The tight-fitting corset dress beautifully contrasted with her cascading veil that encompassed her entire body. 

The Design Highlights:

  • The incredibly detailed veil included a giant embroidery piece of the Virgin Mary. It extended down the altar steps and into the aisle during the ceremony so that all guests could get a good look.

  • The corset part of the mini dress had a zip-up back, and the rest of the dress was a delicate lace mini skirt.

The Memorable Moments:

  • ‘As an older bride, Kourtney made a statement by wearing a mini dress,’ praises Claudia, ‘and she also showed off her unique style.’

  • With the whole family involved, there were many special moments captured of Kourtney and her kids in the iconic ceremonial gown and the many other Dolce and Gabbana dresses she wore throughout the wedding weekend.

Kate Middleton

Being at the center of the biggest royal wedding since Prince Charles and Diana put a lot of pressure on the bride, but Kate executed her look flawlessly - as she does with all her fashion choices. 

The Design Highlights:

  • The long lace sleeves and collar offered a modest but flattering framing of the Princess’s upper body.

  • ‘The choice to combine modern and traditional styles resulted in a new look that sparked a generation of brides who have tried to emulate the same style,’ says Claudia.

The Memorable Moments:

  • The ceremony's live broadcast meant the whole world got a front-row view of the now iconic dress.

  • The dress went on display in Buckingham Palace for four months after the wedding, garnering even more public interest as people traveled from all over the world to see it.

About The Planner Co.

The Planner Co. is a wedding planner agency that specializes in helping couples get married in Spain.

Claudia Postigo is a professional wedding planner for The Planner Co.


The data was taken from keyword analysis software using keywords like 'celebrity wedding dress', and 'wedding dress'. After collecting the data, we ranked it based on the highest number of search results.

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