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Uncovering the Top Challenges Faced by Americans: A Breakthrough Study's Findings

  • A new study has identified the top lifestyle changes that Americans are promising themselves - and stopping snoring is among main goals

  • Stopping snoring ranks fourth, with the average monthly searches almost double those related to giving up smoking

  • The research analyzed Google search volume for advice around implementing specific life changes, such as giving up cigarettes, and identified which ones Americans prioritize the most

New study names the lifestyle changes Americans view as the most important, with stopping snoring considered a priority - even above smoking.

The study, by nicotine pouch enthusiast Snusboss, analyzed nationwide and regional Google searches for keywords related to making positive changes and habits, including phrases like ‘quit smoking timeline’ and ‘how to prevent snoring,' to determine the main problems Americans identify in their lives.

And it turns out that many are struggling to achieve soundless sleep, with the average monthly searches for stopping snoring hitting 1,088,100. This is even 79% higher than searches around how to give up smoking, which only receive 606,600 monthly searches.

This suggests Americans' relationships are under serious strain as a result of partners struggling to share a bed with each other due to their other half's noisy breathing - so much so it has even overtaken smoking as an issue that needs addressing.

Weight loss is the most popular lifestyle change, with an average monthly search volume of a whopping 3,924,600. In fact, slimming down is the top resolution for every state across the US. 

Following in second is eating healthily, with 2,389,000 average searches per month, and while this is still clearly a sought-after goal, it is 39% less popular than that of losing weight. This indicates that many would rather find an alternative method to shredding fat than cutting out unhealthy foods.

Third is to drink more water at 1,772,900 searches, resolving an issue with snoring whilst sleeping comes in fourth, and ending a smoking habit ranks as the fifth most common resolution.


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