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Your Home's New Best Friend for Odor Control & More

Your Home's New Best Friend for Odor Control & More
Your Home's New Best Friend for Odor Control & More

Unused charcoal? Don't toss it! With Independence Day next week and grills heating up all summer, I’m suggesting a timely story idea on how your readers can use their leftover charcoal this summer.

Charcoal, made from hardwood, is not just for grilling burgers and taking up space. ServiceMaster Restore, the restoration experts in water, fire, and smoke damage, highlights the five best ways to use charcoal inside and outside the home alternately.

Air-Refreshing Magic Charcoal acts as a natural air purifier by absorbing and trapping odor-causing particles and impurities in the air, creating a more pleasant living space.

Nature's Garden Superhero Charcoal enhances soil quality by improving water retention and nutrient absorption leading to healthier plant growth.

Rust Be Gone Charcoal's ability to absorb excess moisture can create a drier environment, reducing the likelihood of tools coming into contact with water which can lead to rust formation.

Fountain of Youth for Cut Flowers By keeping the water clean, free from harmful substances, and inhibiting bacterial growth, charcoal plays a role in preserving freshness and extending the lifespan of flowers in water.

Masks Imperfections with Style Blemishes happen and charcoal can be used as a clever and budget-friendly solution to disguise imperfections like scratches at home.

Discover why you shouldn't discard unused charcoal this season. ServiceMaster Restore also has essential BBQ fire safety tips that could save lives.


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