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Sponsored Content:

Ash Said It® Blog accepts sponsored content in compliance with FTC regulations and with proper disclosure. Please contact us at the email address above to discuss rates and details of your request. Rates are provided on a case by case basis and vary depending on the ask. Recipes, DIY tutorials, advertorial stories, video and informational posts are just a few of the options available. We would love to see how we can work within your budget to create content that drives awareness for your brand while also providing value to our audience.



We are happy to feature your product in a sponsored advertorial post highlighting the features of the product, but review posts in exchange for product are only done on a case by case basis and the value of the product featured must be in close proximity to the rate of our sponsored content. Generally speaking most products will require additional compensation or will be included in a roundup-type post with other products unless the product is accompanied by monetary compensation in which case it would be considered sponsored content as outlined above.


Any and all advertorials posted will feature our honest opinions on the product. In the event of a negative opinion, sponsoring company will be contacted with an opportunity to rectify the situation before any negative feedback is posted. Readers should know that if Ash Said It® Blog is endorsing a product or service it is doing so in good faith and not due to any compensation received. We do not partner with any product or brand that does not meet our criteria or quality standards.



Giveaways are considered in addition to (not in lieu of) sponsored advertorial posts. The manner of entry for giveaways must adhere to all FTC regulations. Giveaway sponsor is responsible for shipping prize to the winner.


Guest posts:

Thank you for your interest, however guest posts are not being accepted at this time.


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DISCLOSURE: I may be an affiliate for some products that I recommend. For more information please check out my Disclosure Statement.

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