Peeling Feet & stuff

Mani Pedi

So my friend Dominique is selling a new product. To support her, I decided to try it for myself. This product peels dead skin off the bottom of your feet for a couple days. Gross right? I thought so. Lol. But its also very important to exfoliate your feet every blue moon. So I tried the product. I had to sit with these plastic booties on my feet for 45 minutes. Very weird sensation. After the time lapse you rinse off your feet & go about your time. Which I did. Throughout the day I noticed that the skin around the bottom of my feet began to tighten up. Like they were swollen but no pain. I figured it was the product working. More than anything it was an annoying sensation. Kind of like wearing really tight socks. Anyways, when I got home I soaked them in some warm water. That seemingly relieved tension. I think some of it is actually beginning to peel. ewww....and the plot thickens! Part 2 Next

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