Cowards Need Not Apply

Romantic Dinner

When a woman realizes her worth its an amazing thing. She values herself in a way that no one else could possibly. When a woman knows her worth, she puts up with nothing less than it. However, when a man comes to terms with a woman's worth, it can end in two scenarios. One, he rises to the occasion. And gives her all the love & support she could ever want. He goes above & beyond any expectation. He leaves no room for any man to embark on his woman. Scenario two differs some. In the second instance, the male can become very insecure. He knows good & well he doesn't deserve her. Why would she pick him anyway? He becomes paranoid that he will be replaced. Makes up stories in his head & doubts himself. He spends the majority of the time worrying about if she's gonna leave him. He may not be able to supply her with the finer things that she deserves. This male wastes time but will do the woman a solid. Eventually this coward breaks away from this female. Maybe he falls off the face of the earth? Whatever. Little did he know that the woman didn't care about materialistic things & money. All she ever really wanted was his heart. He was too caught up in life to see that. Sad. But true. Yet this woman is resilient & can't wait to meet a grown man...that is secure in his manhood! #facts

~Ash Said It!

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