Love is not dead

First Aid

The wedding ceremonies that I performed over the weekend inspired this post. Television, radio, internet etc have been so negative lately. I've even seen multiple divorce attorneys advertisements in publications. Did love die? Everyone is fighting over assets & child support. Where the heck did the love go? Statements like this have crossed my mind recently. However seeing 2 sets of couples unite in matrimony over the weekend opened up my heart. Love is not dead!

There are still some romantics out there & love connections yet to be made. One of the grooms even began to tear up as he saw his bride headed down the aisle. It was beautiful. So much joy in his heart in anticipation of the future. He had never seen her look as lovely as she did decked out in all white. Was he thinking of that house he wants to get her? Maybe their first major purchase? Or maybe, just maybe he was thanking the heavens that he was sent an angel to spend the rest of his life with? I know that they had weathered a few storms but the undying love that they had for one another prevailed.

I'm not saying that you'll meet your spouse at the mall or the club. What I'm saying is keep an open heart. There's no doubt you'll run into the wrong person(s). Dust them off of you & keep moving forward. People are put in your life for 2 reasons. Either they're a blessing or a lesson. Thats it! Some of us have repeated the same lesson with different people. Don't do that to yourself. While you're giving the wrong person chance after chance, the right person is waiting for that 1 golden opportunity. Stand firm in your decision & remain unchanged.

Keep an eye out for the right one. It will happen when you least expect it!

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