Mix, Mingle & Makeup Buckhead

I had the most spectacular time at the Mix, Mingle & Makeup event held on 8/21/15. This event was thrown by Kameka founder of Kami Cosmetics (@Kami_Cosmetics). The venue was equally as impressive as the products presented. Conceited Inc (@conceitedInc) is Atlanta's Premier Mink Lash Extension Studio & also the location for the night. With a crystal chandelier to great guests in the lobby, I knew it was going to be a luxurious evening. The suites have clear glass walls so you could see clients getting services done. There were several suites open specifically for guests to try out Kami Cosmetics' new makeup line. Everyone that came for a demo left looking fabulous!

The flyer said small bites. I had no idea of the delectable treats waiting inside. Tipzy_Berryz (@Tipzy_berryz) had me stunned! I've never seen a strawberry completely covered in glitter while filled with alcohol. I totally forgot I was eating a strawberry. You know I took pictures...OF EVERYTHING! The jelly shots from (@ExoticShots) were so well organized. I counted 8 different types of spiked shots. I held down the old reliable jello classic. But by far the cookies from aHaute Cookie (@AhauteCookie / www.aHauteCookie.com) were my favorite treat! Honestly, I lost count of how many I consumed. Every time I would pass the table I'd pop one in my mouth! Lol. It’s a good thing they were mini.

I was happy to see Latrice (@EventBartenders) holding down the bar with specialty cocktails. This chick is everywhere mostly because she knows her stuff! I finally met fellow blogger/naturalista Kim (@iHearThatGirl). We began to relish in the beauty of team natural. I love seeing other natural sistas! I was also fortunate enough to meet/interview the one & only Soap Snob (@SoapSnob). She was such a sweetheart that loves her business. She uses essential oils in most of her products. The samples she gave me smell like heaven. Plumeria is the absolute best! I almost didn't want to use them but then I remembered I can always purchase more at www.TheSoapSnobCompany.com

I even got the official "ButterFly Box". What is that you ask? Well, it’s a box of goodies from companies associated with Kami Cosmetics. I got lashes from @conceitedInc (www.ConceitedInc.com), a sugar currants candle I absolutely love from @HarborMillCandles (www.harborMillCandles.com), Candy Lush polish from @NnekaNicoleNY (www.NnekaNicoleNY.com), butterscotch vanilla body balm from @FreeSoulBody (www.FreeSoulBody.com), herbal leave-in mist from @NattyCoco (www.NattyCoco.com), mocha polish from @PolishedColorsLLC (www.PolishedColors.com). In addition to that, I won a "Bankhead Shawty" lip pigment from @PNKdigger (www.PNKdigger.com) courtesy of @TheGlamatory (www.TheGlamatory.com).

All in all this was a very successful event & you should put it on your to-do list next month! Check out www.KamiCosmetics.com for updates on future events. Tell her Ash Said It told you so!

~Ash Said It

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