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I'm live with R.L. Byrd right now! Click here to listen LIVE OR CALL (347) 857-3921

Below is info on this prolific author:

Atlanta Author, R.L. Byrd returns with continued discussions of love and life in his newest release of Black Coffee, and this time the Brothers have their say. In his debut novel, Looking for Sweet Love, Byrd introduced us to the Love Forum Divas – a panel of women who candidly shared the highs and lows of their private relationships with millions of radio listeners in Dallas, Texas.

Black Coffee enters one year later, introducing readers to six men – The Brothers Forum. As the men who held supporting roles in the women’s tales, their private lives were also exposed. “I want the reader to expect the unexpected from me; have a different experience every time they pick up an R.L. Byrd book,” says R.L. Byrd. With a raw and authentic voice, R.L. Byrd journeys into the male’s perspective of the challenges of love and life, unveiling truths to the great mystery of why men act and respond in ways that women are often unable to understand. Black Coffee brings the discussions of love and relationships full circle, and offers female readers a rare peak into the psyche of their male counterparts. Visit to snag your own copy of "Black Coffee" and connect with Richard on Instagram @Author_RLByrd

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