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Online Dating Profile Pictures: Who are You Really Attracting?

Amari Keepin’ it Ntrestn

Online dating sites are an amalgam of individuals who either want to find true love or a one-night stand. For those of you who’re truly trying to find “the one” via these online dating sites, let me be the first to say your profile picture is extremely telling. I’ve been on POF (Plenty of Fish) for all of 4 days and I’ve truly seen it all. But I don’t just see 6-packs and million dollar smiles; I see low self-esteem and people afraid of rejection.

So what exactly is your profile picture saying about you?

The body no head pictures: You’re going for the whole sex sells angle because you’re more confident with your body than your actual face, which means you’re insecure and you use your body/fitness as a way to fit in.

The group pictures: This picture lets people know you have friends. But it also says you’re shy and only somewhat outgoing. You choose group shots as a way to blend in.

The below the belt pictures: I’ll never understand why people insist on posting XXX rated images online. You aren’t trying to attract anything other than a late night rendezvous and a disease.

The outdoorsy, I’m doing something pictures: You have a life. You want people to know you’re not just taking selfies all the time, but you actually spend your time being adventurous, living life to the fullest.

The glamour shot: It’s ALWAYS too much. Talk about a turnoff. This screams conceited and arrogant. It’s not enough for you to just be cute (or handsome), you have to appear flawless, which is a sign of low self-esteem. You yearn for attention, and you use your looks to seek validation.

The business headshot: You’re a professional. Although you’ve subjected yourself to finding love online, which may seem like a blow to your pride, you still want people to know that you’re career-driven and educated. But it also says you take things really seriously. You probably don’t have a personality, and you’re surely not spontaneous.

The everyday selfie: The most straightforward picture of them all. You keep it real simple. This is what you look like, so take it or leave. Whether you smiled or made a funny face, the selfie is 21st century authentic.

Pictures with cars/bottles/money: You don’t actually have anything to offer a man/woman. Your personality is terrible, and you can’t hold a conversation to save your life, so you use materialistic things to appeal to members of the opposite sex.

The middle finger/thug life pictures: You’re still very immature. You’ve gotten wrapped up in some thug life lifestyle that may not even truly be your way of life. You’ve lost your own sense of identity and are trying to emulate what you think is cool instead of just being yourself.

Happy Hunting!

Keepin’ it Ntrestn

Twitter: @amarirc

Instagram: @alwaysNtrestn / @thegooddiva

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