Masquerade Mimosas Maquillage - The Glamatory

Kami Cosmetics did it yet again! Bravo Kameka on a job well done. Masquerade Mimosas Maquillage at The Glamatory (@TheGlamatory) was phenomenal. They could not have picked out a better venue for this affair. This was my first time at the Glamatory & I have to say that I love the ambiance. I was totally blown away by the decor. Mimi J. (Owner) really put a lot of effort into making this establishment one that will leave an impact. The makeup displays were perfectly stationed. There is absolutely no clutter. Very well spaced. She carries Kami cosmetics of course, PNK Digger (another favorite of mine) and a host of others. OMG! I almost forgot to tell you about the infamous Glitter Wall! Towards the back of the shop there is a beautiful glitter wall where people often pose & take selfies.

Our host for the evening was beauty guru Kluermoi (@Kluermoi). You must be living under a rock somewhere if you don't follow this lady. She only showcases the hottest beauty trends on the NET! And she makes it look effortless. She did demos the whole night!

I wasn't in a festive mood to dress up but my favorite bartender had her mask strategically placed.

Latrice (@EventBartenders) got us set up right with Sweet Bitch Wine (@SweetBitchWines). I had a rather lengthy drive but my girl @OhhYeaHer did partake in libations. Lol. I didn't drink any but I sure did pose with the Giant Glitter Bottle while in front of the Glitter Wall. Good times.

Kami really pays attention to detail & that’s why I always adore her events. Everything down to the mini water bottles with her logo. The signs of a woman serious about her brand!

I met ATL Henna (@Atl_Henna) who happens to be my Soror! Her designs are awesome. I had another engagement after this event & couldn't get one. *sad face*

I missed the owner of (@exoticShotz) but I sure didn't miss those samples! They had cherry (with an actual marachino cherry in it), grape and melon. All three were exceptional. As usual. When I try other jello shots, they can't even compete. Hit up Exotic Shotz and tell them I sent ya! ;)

Bee's Sugabuzz (@BeesSugaBuzz) had the most adorable mini cupcakes that I've ever seen in LIFE! They were so cute with the masquerade theme in mind. Some even had lil face masks. My favorite was the red velvet! OMG! I had at least 4...that I can remember. I love great tasting sweets. What can I say?

Then it was time for the raffles. This is one of the most exciting parts! They always give away top shelf products. Most of the time these freebies are newly released. You never know what they'll give away.

And then...I GOT MY BUTTERFLY BOX! This month's goodies did not disappoint. Kami is very picky on what products she places in these boxes. They are a reflection on her & she only picks the cream of the crop!

I got a beautiful bottle of Lavender Bliss Shea Lotion from Angelic Soaps & Gifts (@AngelicSoapsAndGifts). This silky smooth formula glides on my skin like nothing ever before. And I love lavender! To combine shea butter & lavender is to create a dream on earth.

Dezign Ayuan Naturals (@DezignAyuanNaturals) soap is one of my favorite organic soaps. I love that fact that there are no artificial colors or fragrances. It never dries your skin and it can last a while if you stretch it.

Nneka Nicole NY (@NnekaNicoleNY) polishes are always spot on! The colors are stunning and don't fade. I can usually make my polish last a week or so. With their polish I can push it to 2 weeks!

It has been a few years since I've used a shower tab. Spa Diva (@Spa_Diva) changed that over the weekend. After a long day out, I started my shower & dropped the tab in my tub. The aromas that rose through the steam set me on a cloud up high somewhere. I gotta get more!

Sweet Brown Sludge (@SweetBrownSludge) was a surprise. I was not aware of this company so I looked them up & found out what a salve was. I am always washing my hands & they often get dry. This geranium salve keeps my hands moist throughout the day. I don't know what I'd do without it. GOOD STUFF!

I have to say that I am TOTALLY & COMPLETELY a fan of sugar scrubs! Spalacious Moods (@SpalaciousMoods) did that with this Lavender & Chamomile sugar scrub. When I opened up the jar & saw the flower medley sprinkled on top, I knew I was in for a treat. Again, I LOVE LAVENDER! This scrub had me loving my skin all day long!

All the products are out of this world but my all time favorite this time around is Buff Her: House of Exfoliation (@Buff_Her). I added a dime size amount to my favorite cleanser & it gently polished my skin. My skin is in great condition but his product makes it look even better. It’s a facial scrub that is not abrasive at all. Follow the directions and your skin will love you for it. I will definitely purchase the other variations in the future.

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