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Everyone desires to have healthy skin and hair; but could your hair and skin care products be causing more harm than good? How to get the skin you desire? Find out in 3 E a s y S t e p s :

1: Clean Skin & Hair

It should go without saying, but washing or cleaning your face, hair and body is a very important step to getting healthier skin and hair.

Especially before bed! Get all that dirt and makeup off, so that your skin will have a moment to breathe while your cells replenish themselves. Wash with warm water and a fragrance and dye free soap then rinse with cold water. Or for greater results! Use a toner like Sweet Brown Sludge’s Rose Water Toner to get deep into pores to remove dirt, reduce blemishes, and clear acne.

2: Moisturize Skin & Hair

Applying oils are a great way to keep the skin smooth, soft, and supple. Natural oils like, coconut, olive, palm, vitamin E, shea, and jojoba, will really give the skin a youthful look. Our skin salves are jam packed with those very ingredients, plus other healing herbs like: comfrey, and calendula to boot. Our Versatile Hair Care Serum also has a healthy heaping of oils; along with aloe vera which keeps hair nourished from root to tip. Try it on color-treated, heat-styled, chemical processed or natural hair.

3: Rest

This is the hardest thing to do for most of us. But, its much needed. Just a few moments a day to take a nice deep breath will help. Try a nice hot bath with some calming essential oils like Lavender once a week. You deserve it. Your Skin & Hair will love you for it!

Sweet Brown Sludge Products will get you the

skin you desire; and all without any harsh, harmful, unpronounceable chemicals.

According to WebMD, American Cancer Center, and The National Institute of Environmental Health Science. There are a number of ingredients in cosmetics, hair, and skin care products that can cause serious health problems for their users. These issues range in severity from simple skin irritations, to more complex organ system dysfunction. Some products have chemicals such as Phthalates, and Formaldehyde, that have been found to cause birth defects, impaired testosterone production, and developmental delays in children. There are also studies that show an increase in infertility in men, and increased breast cancer risk in women that use products that contain chemicals like Parabens. So what’s a girl, or guy to do?! Companies like www.sweetbrownsludge.com have products that help, not harm the body! Pride is taken in the selection of natural, organic materials for the ingredients. The products are hand-made with time, patience, and love. With no preservatives, phthalates, parabens, or formaldehydes. Might be worth trying for the sake of your health. Get more on www.SweetBrownSludge.com

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