Sweet Brown Sludge **BUSINESS FEATURE***



Everyone desires to have healthy skin and hair; but could your hair and skin care products be causing more harm than good? How to get the skin you desire? Find out in 3 E a s y S t e p s :

1: Clean Skin & Hair

It should go without saying, but washing or cleaning your face, hair and body is a very important step to getting healthier skin and hair.

Especially before bed! Get all that dirt and makeup off, so that your skin will have a moment to breathe while your cells replenish themselves. Wash with warm water and a fragrance and dye free soap then rinse with cold water. Or for greater results! Use a toner like Sweet Brown Sludge’s Rose Water Toner to get deep into pores to remove dirt, reduce blemishes, and clear acne.

2: Moisturize Skin & Hair

Applying oils are a great way to keep the skin smooth, soft, and supple. Natural oils like, coconut, olive, palm, vitamin E, shea, and jojoba, will really give the skin a youthful look. Our skin salves are jam packed with those very ingredients, plus other healing herbs like: comfrey, and calendula to boot. Our Versatile Hair Care Serum also has a healthy heaping of oils; along with aloe vera which keeps hair nourished from root to tip. Try it on color-treated, heat-styled, chemical processed or natural hair.