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Author Beverly N. Vercher ***AUTHOR FEATURE***

Beverly N. Vercher, raised in Lynn, MA, now lives in Gaffney, SC with her husband, Anthony, and three children. She’s also the author of Back At One, The Novel (2009). Her poetry has been published in Surrender to The Moon of, she’s been featured on the Nikki Rich Show LA (radio show) several time, on (blog), upcoming feature in SwagHer magazine December issue, Fashion GXD ( Magazine (Inspiring Lives Section), and in Lynn Happens Magazine (

As the President of a social club called Beauty & Brains, her mission is to empower young women and help children in her community. Her goal is to be an inspiration to people who have struggled in their lives. Through her personal testimony, she is an example of how you can overcome any obstacle if you just believe in yourself and most of all believe in God. It is important to her that everyone understands that you can reinvent yourself and with a lot of hard work and prayer, you can have a better life and be successful at anything you put your mind to.

For more information on book signings, interviews, and speaking engagements, please contact: 864-260-7358 or

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